Raising multilingual children

One of the most fundamental issues that expats moving abroad are faced with is bi/multilingualism with regard to themselves and to their children. Especially when it comes to raising bilingual or multilingual children, parents are often faced with many questions and dilemmas. As Meerhoven is more than abundant in multilingual children, Meerhoven Internationals Platform has invited Elif Durgel – a psychologist who specializes in parenting and child development in intercultural contexts, to talk about these challenges. Elif Durgel is running Roots and Wings Academy where she provides coaching and workshops for parents and gives internationalization trainings to schools. An abstract of the talk follows below.

“Raising Multilingual Children” by Elif Durgel

Meerhoven (and in general Eindhoven) is a very diverse multicultural environment with families from all over the World. Expat children’s one of the first and most important tasks to accomplish here is to master the Dutch language. Some of these expat children are anyways born in multilingual families in which they are exposed to at least 2 different languages through their parents. In this talk, we will discuss the benefits of multilingual development and parents will learn about the strategies they can use to ensure a happy and healthy language development of their multilingual children.