International Day Slingertouw

Basisschool ‘t Slingertouw, in cooperation with Korein Kinderplein, will celebrate the International Kinderfeest on Monday, July 2nd. The event starts at 15:00h and ends at 16.30h. All children and parents of Meerhoven neighbourhood are invited.

On the schoolyard at Grasland, playground at Grasklokje and a parking at Sliffertsestraat there will be several market stands, workshops, and music performances. Children will be presenting their handicrafts and there will be delicious food from all over the world. Meerhoven International Platform will also have its own stand.

Anyone who is willing to prepare food from their own country or present something like a workshop on something typical related to their country, a dance performance, music, etc. is more than welcome to do so. There will be a possibility to bring the food at 14:00 or so before the event. You can stay at your stand and explain something about the food or just leave a card saying what that is and go have fun.

If you are willing to do so please let us know by sending a mail to and we will put you in contact with Slingertouw.