About Meerhoven

Meerhoven is located on the northwestern part of Eindhoven (north of Veldhoven) and extends across the Eindhoven area west of the A2 motorway. The term “Meerhoven” is used to refer to different residential parts of the quarter, i.e. Bosrijk, Grasrijk, Meerrijk, Waterrijk en Zandrijk. Meerhoven also includes the industrial areas Flight en Park Forum, Nimbus, Land Forum and Trade Forum, as well as the land of Eindhoven Airport. Moreover, the area known as BeA2, the Meerbos and the Golf club Welschap are part of Meerhoven.

Meerhoven is becoming a popular living area for internationals due to the high-quality living environment and the short distance to companies such as ASML, Philips and High-Tech Campus. Also the local schools provide learning programmes increasingly facilitating international pupils.