About us

The Meerhoven Internationals Platform (MIP) supports internationals living in (or moving to) Meerhoven. Its goal is to provide information, support and help to connect and integrate.

The Meerhoven Internationals Platform was established in 2014 as a branch of Residents’ Association Meerhoven. Since then it has grown to become a very active organisation as our neighbourhood continues to grow and is becoming only more and more international. According to the Buurtmonitor (neighbourhood minitor), in Meerhoven there are 11.128 inhabitants that are internationals (cut-off date 01/01/2018). This is one third of its population.

The platform is run by a group of enthusiastic volunteers. It works on topics such as education for children, care for babies and mothers, Dutch language development, sports, professional development for internationals, bringing closer Dutch culture to internationals, multicultural interaction and issues which are of interest to internationals and locals. We are part of Residents’ Association Meerhoven and work closely together with local primary schools ‘t Slingertouw and De Startbaan, kindergarten Korein Kinderplein, sports associations and the City Hall of Eindhoven.

Our Mission

We create events that help internationals’ smooth their transition from their home country to the Netherlands and also help internationals and locals to get in touch with each other.

We also share information about the current and future developments in Meerhoven.

This is all in the hope of building a multi-cultural community in Meerhoven that make it a place where people with different backgrounds can feel at home.